About us

We are British American Tobacco Trading EOOD – the Bulgarian branch of one of the world's leading multinational company, British American Tobacco plc.

We have been operating in Bulgaria since 2007 with strong performance and as of 2017 we hold a leading position in the market following the acquisition of popular local brands. Our  administrative office is located in the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia.

In our portfolio we offer some of the most recognised international brands – Dunhill, Vogue, Lucky Strike and Rothmans. Also, as of 2018 we offer on the market the flagship THP of BAT – glo – a battery-powered device that heats specially-designed tobacco sticks. 

All products that we market are manufactured within the EU. Our factories are located in Romania, Croatia, Poland and Hungary. Our products are delivered to our central warehouse in Sofia, from where they are distributed throughout the country. Our products can be found in different trade channels, such as Key Acocunts, Independent retailers and HoReCa outlets, including specially designated glo islands in the biggest shopping centers.

We successfully combine British American Tobacco’s over 100 years of experience and international approach with our local expertise and efforts to be successful on the market. Our plans for the future are to be successful by doing sustainable and responsible business.

Key milestones:

2007  British American Tobacco establishes operations in Bulgaria

2008  Viceroy becomes brand number 2 in the Bulgarian market

2009  Launch of Dunhill Fine Cut

2011  Lucky Strike launched

2012  BAT launched the first capsule product in the Bulgarian market – Lucky Strike Click&Roll

2013  Rothmans re-activated with pack upgrade and new line extensions launch

2013-15  BAT one of the fastest growing companies in the Premium Market segment

2016  BAT recognized as Company of the year in Bulgaria

2017  Acquisition of popular local brands; BAT - market leader

2018  BAT recognized as Best Employer in Bulgaria

2018  BAT launched glo on the market, becoming the 15th market worldwide to offer glo

2020  Rothmans the fastest growing brand in BWAP on the market since 2015

2020  Dunhill – leader in the Premium segment since 2016